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The Fallacy of Perfection


More often than not, the constant debauchery of our inner peace is fueled by voice of one's own mind. Convincing and True, as it always seems to be, the whole exercise of demeaning our lives is more of a medicine than a disease. A medicine from the pain of resistance that is always a natural force against any imminent change.  Every challenge in our lives is painful, and often we deem this pain as fate. Something that has to live forever, slowly becoming our truth and anyone not in that pain, the benchmark of 'Perfection'- the ultimate summit where you think you will never reach. But what is actually Perfection? - a great thinking mind? a beautifully chiseled body? an eclectic talent? a magnanimous success story? - What we look at is the outer  mirage or tinkle without considering the toil and the constant grit that has fueled that result. So the perfection is not the 'Result' that we see in the World around us, but a capacity far far more true, far more powerful and so divine that it resides in all of us.
We need to understand, that we all are broken beings. Laden with Dreams, shattered by experiences, toiling away lives into the unknown. In search of ourselves.

But we are healing beings too, reconstructing every moment. 
Kissing the Scar, we move on for another imminent break and then healing.

The ability to Break, Heal and Evolve is our only PERFECTION. 

Nothing else.

Swapnil | Madman

  • 2018-03-31T20:29:17
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