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Livemad Hope Education : Livemad extends support to help people grow beyond their mental constructs and develop into beings that spread Hope through Livemad Hope Education. The intervention helps individuals and communities grow beyond and develop into meaningful entitites, finding their inspiration within. Behavioral Psychology and social experiment based sessions have had an audience across the nation, including institutions, IIM-T, IIM-A, IIM-B, ISB-Hyderabad, ISB-Mohali, IIT-D, XLRI, Google-Hyderabad, CII and the UN. A volunteer team also runs Livemad’s LifeAlive Helpline for people suffering with acute depression and suicidal tendencies. *Recent Initiative:* BEAT THE BLUE WHALE challenge: A powerful psychology based talk and counseling session based on extensive study to fight against the menace of Blue Whale Challenge and how to reverse the causes of the diseased psyche.
  • 2018-07-09T06:49:29

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