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Livemad is an organisation of Hope. Spreading it across communities through Innovation, Social Ventures & Education. 1. Livemad Innovations : Inventions that make a change happen. With the motto of ‘Creativity for Social Good’, Livemad Innovation strives to invent for creating a social impact. The inventions include ingenious products and enterprising business models that are now inspiring 35 business clusters in Asia & the Africas. Prevent AIDS : World's 1st Oralcourse contraceptive. Build a safe World for Women : The Pink Whistle Project - World's cheapest self defense device and awareness program. Revolutionising Fair Trade : a unique password protected human banking model. 2. Livemad Ventures : Livemad Ventures is a movement, that helps rehabilitate underserved victimized communities/people groups that are infested by any social and/or cultural evil. Livemad ventures has worked with endangered tribal communities, troubled youth, juvenile crime accused, women groups, off-grid rural populations, student communities, rural agriculture groups, urban transgender communities, and the work has sprouted Hope in the rut of human trafficking, radical extremism, tribal genocide, societal ostracization, women right exploitation, community prostitution, and women safety issues. 3. Livemad Hope Education : Livemad extends support to help people grow beyond their mental constructs and develop into beings that spread Hope through Livemad Hope Education. The intervention helps individuals and communities grow beyond and develop into meaningful entitites, finding their inspiration within. Behavioral Psychology and social experiment based sessions have had an audience across the nation, including institutions IIM-A, IIM-B, ISB-Hyderabad, ISB-Mohali, IIT-D, XLRI, Google-Hyderabad, CII and the UN. A volunteer team also runs Livemad’s LifeAlive Helpline for people suffering with acute depression and suicidal tendencies.

Please keep +91 before the number when you dial.
  • Shanti Niketan, House No-42, Ashutosh Nagar, Near Krishna Nagar, Kanpur Road

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